How do you begin a self-help personal development journey?

Why start a self-help personal development commitment with love?

Patience, forgiveness, empathy, compassion, kindness, and other great personal qualities start with love.
Think back to when you were a child about one person who loved you unconditionally. (If you can’t think of one, you might need to forget self-help and find a therapist.) Think about how much love directed to you felt. Feel that. Concentrate on feeling loved. Next, send some love to yourself. You may need to forgive yourself for warranted mistakes or unwarranted self-inflicted guilt. Take one minute at a time. The more love you feel and give to yourself the faster you heal.
I recommend you start a journal. If you speak into notes to your phone, that’s ok. If you have a notebook to write in, many experts say handwriting works best. Make lists titled: What I love About Me, Qualities I admire in Others & Desire in Me,  I’m Grateful for____. It’s fine to add your own lists. Add any simple to grand things. Every day make a new list. Repeat if the same thought comes back to you but don’ look back until a week passes.
The time it takes you to do this varies. Now that you love yourself, you’re ready to do good deeds. Express patience, empathy, compassion, and kindness. Learn forgiveness, which many think seems too hard.
After 21 days, if you don’t love yourself more, seek professional help.